5 Month old Chow biting

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5 Month old Chow biting

Post by LexiBear » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:16 pm

I've been having quite a lot of trouble with my Chow Chow, Winchester. All he ever seems to do is bite and/or jump up on me and the rest of my family. I've tried all of the ways I could think of, done everything the Internet has recommended and nothing has helped. These are all of the things I've tried:
- Yelping OW really loudly
- Offering a toy (squeaky toy, ball or rope) whenever he's started biting my arm or leg
- Tapping him hard on the nose to get him to release
- Poking him in the ribs
- Standing still and ignoring it until he stops, and then praising him for stopping
- Yelping loudly as before but also leaving the area
- Saying 'No' and trying to teach him that no means stop
And I believe that's most of what I've tried.

He'll play with a toy for hardly a second before lunging at me again. He chases my brother up the stairs, lunges at him and bites when he's just sitting on the couch. He bites my mom and I when we walk in the house or even out of our rooms. He's ripped holes in our clothes and given me bruises and scratches all up and down my arms and legs. I walk him multiple times a day for at least 15 minutes each time, we have a run set up in our front yard for him to use, we have given him multiple different toys to try to keep his attention but nothing is working. Is there anything else anyone could recommend before I turn to a shock collar and/or training with a professional? And yes, I've looked in the training guide.

Thanks so much!

Rory's Dad
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Re: 5 Month old Chow biting

Post by Rory's Dad » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:24 pm

The dog is asserting himself as the ring leader.

Leave him in his house collar and leave a leash attached to it. Whenever he starts misbehaving, tell him 'No' in a firm, authoritative voice. He should know some basic commands by this point, so after the 'No', tell him to sit, lie, or down in that same voice. If he doesn't listen place your foot on the leash, short enough so he can't lunge or pull away. Give him that same command again. If he still doesn't listen, use the collar to move him into position. Keep your foot on the leash. One he complies, you can reward with either a food treat or affection, a nice pat on the head or an ear rub will do nicely. Show him that you are in charge and will reward good behavior. For now, this should be done only by you. You need to intercede if he reacts poorly with other members of the house. You are establishing that you are the leader, but also showing him that his behavior is not acceptable towards others.

Shock collar will be useless and only teach him fear. You want to teach him that he needs to behave and that you are in control. You control his resources. Those are food, treats, and affection. As a leader, you need to have him understand that what he wants is dictated by proper behavior...your ideas, not his.

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