suddenly whining/crying

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suddenly whining/crying

Post by chowderchoww » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:49 pm


I've recently had the most perfect chow puppy for a week, and for the first week he was fine with being crated (*note his "crate" isn't really a cage but a room in my home) but yesterday he started clawing at the playpen gates(we use playpen gates instead of a door so as to not close him in), whining and crying non stop when he's inside.

I've also noticed that when he's out he has a slight aversion to going back into his "crate" unless there's food? He is usually let out if anyone's around however, It is extremely important for us that he stays in when when everyone's out in case of accidents. He is half potty trained, and of course, once he's completely potty trained he will have full rein of the entire house.

He's completely fine with being left alone when he's outside and in fact sometimes moves away from you to watch you from afar????

Also, he's very smart. He is currently 10 weeks old as of this week, and he's learnt 'sit', 'stay', 'down' and 'paw', and half potty trained all in one week. The thing is, he's VERY food motivated and he only listens when there's food. If there's no food he usually can't be bothered. He also follows me everywhere... is that normal of chows? I don't mind, am just curious.

#1 How do I stop him from crying/whining and pawing at the gates when he's in the crate? He's mostly a VERY quiet dog and he hasn't done it before until yesterday so I'm rather worried.

#2 How do I get him to listen even if there's no food?

Thank you!!

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