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Training Problem on a stubborn Chow

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:12 pm
by VasilisStratoula
Hello everybody.

I have two Chows, one male 18 months old and one female 7 months old. When i acquired my first chow i used to get tips all the time on how to train him and feed him. I tried many different ways to train him, i used many treats but my male chow only listens to <''GO''> for a walk, SIT to sit( if he wants if not he just lstays watching me) and sometimes to COME but only if i tell it 10 times and moves to me like a turtle. I dont know what to do, unlike my female one , when i tell her to sit, stay ,up ,quickly,leg, greet( in which she sits and swings her leg) , come , hug me ( She comes for caress), lie, go inside , go to home, she always listens to me immediately and she is free of leash from the day i acquired her, when she was 2,5 months old. She never tried to leave and when i had open gate... Why my male never listen anything expect sometimes? The same training i do with the little one i did with my male... I dont want robot dogs but when we go for a walk i would like to know that he can listen to COME .....i am afraid to let him walk alone...

Re: Training Problem on a stubborn Chow

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:41 pm
by Rory's Dad
1st off let me say congrats on the success with the female. She sounds well trained and co-operative. That being said, she may also be a bit more 'clingy' for lack of a better term. I have a female who is the same way. She will do anything to just 'be' with her family. She tries to climb a 3 foot gate so she is not in another room. She is very food motivated and I had similar success in teaching her the basic chow commands because any treat was high level for her. She loves being touched and will offer her belly for a quick rub at a moments notice.

Different from what you describe though is she is the one who would bolt out an unlocked door at any opportunity. I don't think she would go very far, but not willing to risk it. My male will wait at an open door and wait to be attached to a lead. Once outside though, he is completely different.

He has experienced a broken run and will venture out into who knows where. No amount of calling or baiting will get his attention once he is outside his house or yard. Many will tell you about the 'selective hearing' of a Chow. They can ignore you like no other when that is their mindset. Not sure about your male, but mine is intact, and that can make a huge difference (on the plus side, mine will stop to mark every vertical object which makes him easier to corral). The instinct that he has to mark and to find a suitable 'date', combined with the strong prey drive make off leash walks impossible. I would never trust either to be off-leash, but definitely not my male.

That being said, my male is extremely well trained. He completed his AKC Conformation title in August. He successfully showed under no less than 25-30 different judges and allowed them to inspect both his mouth/teeth and his male parts area. Never an issue and always walked like a perfect gentleman on a show lead. He behaves well when he needs to be crated and travels nicely in both the handler truck or my doggy 'bus'. He doesn't like to be on the 'bottom bunk' when crates are stacked, but I can understand that.

I would review what is important to you in your dogs. They do have different personalities and will be better at different things. Our male loves the show circuit and literally shines when put into the spotlight, my female doesn't enjoy it much at all and can't wait to get home and relax next to the couch. My male would never roll over to get his belly rubbed...just not his thing. She is still head-shy to a degree and he will nuzzle in for a nose rub.

You can have a perfectly well behaved dog without the extra tricks. As long as they are both socially accepting, not a risk to people or other dogs, and are well adjusted, I think you are OK. Again, I have no faith in any Chow to recall in off-leash situations (I know others have accomplished this with success, but I just don't feel comfortable enough with it).