my chow can't get along with my other dogs... help!!!

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my chow can't get along with my other dogs... help!!!

Postby bbeo » Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:08 pm

my brother just recently moved in with us and tag along his 1.5 female chow. They used to stayed at my uncle house and she getting along with my uncle puppy so we thought she gonna fine with my other female chihuahua, and male maltese. I think the problem is my other 2 dogs afraid at her big look and don't like her, and start to be aggressive as soon as she get closed to them. Then she start to become aggressive back and fight back to them. Is there any way I can do to help them get along please help. The chow chow been really nice before move in with us, I don't want her to getting worst and kill my other 2 dogs. She also really hates to taking bath. one time we dropped her at the petmart to getting a bath, but they call us back because she starting aggressive at them, but she really gets along with human even who she never met before, i just don't know why it all happen. thanks for your help

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Re: my chow can't get along with my other dogs... help!!!

Postby Rory's Dad » Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:42 pm

Two problems that i see...

1st off, Chow is in a new space, that she doesnt view as hers, and the other dogs do. They are protecting their territory. Somebody needs to establish themselves as "lord" of the home, and it cant be any of the dogs. When you see any sort of aggressive behavior you need to stop it. Regardless of who is starting it.

As for the grooming issue, it's likely related. If she is getting away with assertive behavior at home, she will continue it elsewhere. I would make sure that she is getting some basic groom time at home. Brush her out, trim the paw fur. Do so without interruption of the other dogs (doesnt really matter who is doing it). Get her REALLY used to being handled. More than 1 person is helpful, but not really required. Try an old Show handling trick...grab her paws, tickle between her toes, reach up under the belly. Teach her a 'stand' command. Essentially, hold a treat out in front of her nose while she is in a full stand position. Tell her to 'stand'. Leave the treat in front of her nose and touch her snout, her legs, adjust her legs a bit, touch her belly. Advance that to the point where you can grab her mouth and look at her teeth. In the beginning give her the treat at each inspection and gradually withhold it until you can get through an entire process.

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Re: my chow can't get along with my other dogs... help!!!

Postby JammyJoy » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:39 pm

Since she is in a new place, she really has to get to know the things around her. What she's doing as becoming aggressive is a way of protecting herself since she doesn't know who the friends and the enemy are.

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