We love our Lucy but we need help!!!

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We love our Lucy but we need help!!!

Postby kitty97006 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:34 pm

Hi all new to the form as I just got a computer! My husbnd & I have been together for 21 years, and this I our second chow, Lucy (RIP Minimesee baby pic attachment). I have worked with, bred, shown, and raised pretty much everything except non mammals, lol. We have rescued, raised and placed foster kittens/fearals/strays for years. Problem 1-Little sweet Lucy at 7 weeks went after our big cats, (who love dogs) and after working with her (shes now 1yr8mo) she still chases. Problem #2 My husband is disabled and she runs through the house like a bulldozer, no is effective sometimes. I just bought a gentle leader and we are going to start with that soon. Any ideas would help at all--

PS, being a "rescuer, we (knowing better) purchased her-with all the money we had $97.50 from a man & son on a very busy street corner where he was holding her by the scruff of the neck) Reno,NV, North Hills shopping center--6-8 lane road.
5 week old baby Mini, RIP 2000-2012
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