Chow eating poop...

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Chow eating poop...

Postby trry » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:08 pm

So in the Northeast it is getting a lot warmer lately so we have been doing some garden work and we use fertilizer that we get from a local farm which is made up of farm animal poop. I notice my chow was eating something and closer examination it was the fertilizers is there anything I can do to stop it from eating it?


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Re: Chow eating poop...

Postby Merlin » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:34 am

It's easy. Just don't allow your chow access to areas that contain fertilizer.
Fertilizers often contain extremely high amounts of nitrates and other poisons that are harmful to your dog and could actually send your dog into kidney failure.

If you know for a fact that there is absolutely nothing else in it and it's NEW dung, then I wouldn't really worry about it too much, just keep your dog away from it, but if they 've added anything to it, or if it's been aging, then keep your dogs miles away from it.

Eating horse poop and cow dung ( which are untouched in their natural state),is no big deal, farm dogs do it all the time, but if it's pulled from a pile that's been sitting there baking for a year or two, be cautious . In fact, if it's very high in nitrate, it will even burn your dog 's feet let alone his stomach.
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