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Advice on making my chow move along =]

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:22 am
by trry
Me yet again! My little chow has been super well behaved! The nipping so far has stopped from what I've seen and he doesn't mind getting picked up when he is having fun in the backyard but I would need to catch him first. But the main issue is that he will refuse to come out of the car if we are home for example I would need to dive into my backseat to get him out but if he knows we are going to dog park he will jump out ecstatic. I tried baiting him out with treats but he will not bite. Any suggestions or this is typical?

Finally same thing for walks, we will be doing our walks just fine I would be leading the direction of the path we would take but he would randomly resist with all his force. Let's say we went to Petsmart and we doing fine and browsing the store but as soon as we get out of sliding doors he would resist with all his strength that I would need to pick him up and throw him in backseat since he wouldn't want to jump in back seat either.

any Advice in making my chow jump in and out of cars all the time not just his favorite places and address his random resistances...


Re: Advice on making my chow move along =]

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:13 pm
by Cam Atis
No help from me either. Cassie is like that also. I am amused when she does it as it reminded me of the same jokester behaviour of my fav dog Cookie- a pure dal. Although it does get into my nerve when i am in a hurry so I alot more time and allowance for their penchant of the inevitable, thus instead of getting frustrated, I am instead amused coz Cassie would run amuck and resembles a little fat piggy running wild. She would also run at full force towards the steps thinking she can jump higher but somehow, she doesn't clear the steps and stumbles, she'd compose herself in a second then try again in a slower pace.

Re: Advice on making my chow move along =]

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:13 pm
by Pirate & Pandora
I don't know if you are still having this problem, but I think its very common up among all dogs especially new members of the family or puppies. My chowling is fairly new and also had this problem of resisting with all her might or laying down and not moving during our walks.

I have trained her like my previous dogs and now she is much better although she will occasionally display this behavior (mostly when she is scared or sees something interesting like ducks or another dog.) She is only 10 weeks so I am very patient with her in these situations because she just doesn't know how to behave yet, but she is definetly improving.

What I did to help with this refusal to move is trained her to learn the come command. I started off leash just during playtime inside so she is comfortable. I offered her treats at first but she is nit very food motivated. I found that lots of attention (minutes of petting and praise) when she follows the command is best. I then added the leash when she seemed to understand why she is being praised. When she has become comfortable coming on the leash when called we went outside and I tweaked the command to "come on lets go" praising her for coming then continue walking. Eventually you should b able to drop off the come on part just saying let's go and your dog will know you are now walking and she should too.

If she is distracted I give a quick pull on her leash (my pup wears a harness because I don't want to choke her with this.) The pull shouldn't be hard or hurt the chow just enough to get the dog to pay attention. I then repeat the command with enthusiasium so my pup will be mire inclined to follow instructions. After this she will generally continue on the walk with me. Although at first i did have to repeat this process a few times before she would obey.

I would say do not pick her up if she does not move. This just tells your dog that if she stops moving she will get attention and be rewarded. Obviously sometimes it its necessary for safety reasons to pick up the dog and move them, but try and avoid these situations until she learns to continue walking. You must be more stubborn than the dog! This mean sometimes it may take 10+ minutes before she obeys.

Praise the dog for following the command but also when she is walking how you desire praise her for her good behavior. This reinforces your dogs good behavior.

As for jumping in and out of the car I am not much help. My dog is still to little to jump in and out of my car. With my previous dogs I would put their leash on and again and use the same technique I do to make the dog continue on the walk to coax them out of the car..

Hope this helps!,

Re: Advice on making my chow move along =]

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:56 pm
by Rio
I cannot really offer advice for walking (Rio is waiting to see a trainer about this) but as for the car, we are looking to buy a ramp to get Rio in and out as he goes in the boot and the back of the car would be too high for him to jump in and out of. Currently I lift the fat little furr-ball in and out, which is fun!