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A tragedy

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:49 pm
by Foreverchow
Hello, this is a sad day for me, as my 12 years old beautiful blue chow chow is gone.
Just last week, she was chasing rabbits on our properties with our two other big dogs, so much younger then her.

I am in Arizona, so it is hot. Jade likes to be outdoor, so we have to force her back in because of the extreme heat these days. Last Tuesday, she didn't feel like eating. She does that something... after all, she is a chow, and she has the wisdom to know what's best for her. Yet, I sprinkled a little cheese, insist that she comes eat something... and she does, to make me happy. That evening though, she didn't want dinner. The morning after, we found the pile of food she had regurgitate after drinking too much water. All the pebbles were still intact, non digested. She never like to chew, and the SO Urinary food she was eating for the past year were tiny pebbles anyway.

An hour later, I see her looking rather lethargic, laying down on the patio. I noticed she has some incontinence, and that the cement by her behind is wet. Since I was leaving the following day for 3 nights, I decided to call the vet and have her checked out. I didn't want my husband to have any issues with her while I was gone.

The vet is not my usual vet. but I've been to this clinic many times, and this doctor can see us same day. The exam shows nothing particular... at 48 pounds, Jade looks fine. We discuss testing her for bladder infection, but I don't want to submit my tired chow to that rather invasive procedure since it would stressed her to be walked toward the surgical room by strangers, specially if she is already not feeling well. By then anyway, she just wanted to go home. I asked if there was something she could give her to control the incontinence, since I knew my chow would have to remain indoor during my absence; I didn't want to take chance she would suffer from heat stroke during the long hot days at 110 degrees. The doc agreed that she could give her something, but only for a couple of weeks until we get the usual tests done. I asked if there was any side effects, she says no, and prescribed 2 weeks of phenylpropanolamine, 50 mg tablet. I asked again about side effects, because after all, there is usually always side effects, but also mostly to make sure that it wouldn't mask a bladder infection if we were to test her for that at my return. She reassured me nonchalantly that there were no sides effects, and that it wouldn't make any difference, since a bladder would still show up on the result, if it was to be positive, so that it would be ok for her to start the med. Frankly, I was pleased to have find what seems to be a perfect solution. That night, I gave her a first tablet ...

The morning after, Jade eats all her food... fresh canned food, with a pill mixed in it. I am so happy she is doing fine again! At night, my husband give her dinner, and her second dose, 12 hours later as prescribed.
Same scenario Friday morning... but during the day, she looks restless. Lay down at weird spot around the kitchen. By Friday night, she is not moving, laying on the floor, not wanting to go out... just waggling her tail when being called. An hour later... she was gone, laying down at the same spot she had picked a couple hours prior.

I don't hear any of this until I am about to board the plane back home. At my usual question: Jade is ok? I heard nothing back... I panicked, and repeat "She's ok, right?" The answer was no, and the tears came rushing out as my husband confirm the unthinkable: Jade had passed away!

I cried the entire one hour flight back home. The morning after... after a restless night, I rushed to see the bottle of pills and start googling that medication: very controversial, lots of warning and counter indication. And 50 mg... way to much for her 48 pounds! Seems as this was a dose that was most likely twice of what she should have been taking. Omg... WHY didn't I check this information before giving her that? I usually always do... I slipped, and it cost me her life! But WHY would the vet give her something like that? Why would she reassure me how safe it was? A chewable tablet, just as if some kind of vitamins, I figured, so never did it crossed my mind that it could have been a powerful drug that could kill after only 4 pills...

My family is in tears, and the balance is totally off set. I had a chow chow everyday of my life for over 20 years... their departure all left me heartbroken. But she was meant to be the exception, to die of old age, giving me her companionship for a couple more years. Not leave me stranded like that. My beautiful girl was perfect... she had eyes problems, always getting goopy in her older age, but she never complained when we would clean them up everyday. She was very alouf, so gentle... yet powerful and playful with our two other dogs much bigger then her. Our two cats loved her, she was the furry mother they always craved.

Much more then her loss, the guild of having rushed to the vet is haunting me, specially that I ended up trusting a doctor I had not truly researched first. I am devastated by the fact that my baby was literally killed, and that I ended up being the one who let it happened. The wounds are too fresh, so I don't have to strength needed right now to fight back. Soon, I will though: somebody has to be made accountable for carelessly prescribing medication,

Chow chow are so special... my life will never be the same without her...

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:08 pm
by Foreverchow
Well, it's been a couple of days. Trying to think more clearly. Can't erase the picture of her laying down lifelessly on the floor near the fireplace, with a small puddle of blood by her nose. Going to the vet today, to discuss this. To let my regular vet know of what happened of his patient because his partner took over his appointments for an afternoon, and hear what he has to say.

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:48 pm
by ski
I am so very sorry. You did what was best under the circumstances. Please don't be guilt ridden. I do hope you get the answers you deserve. There are no words to take away the pain of losing a loving companion. Please let us know how you are doing.

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:54 pm
by Laura
I am very sorry as well. Very sad situation.

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:14 pm
by kingalls
:cry: so sorry for your loss...too many vets prescribe for a "regular" dog...Chows require special attention - especially with shots, pills, and anesthesia.

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:26 pm
by Zhuyos mom
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Did you consider getting a necropsy done? Again, so very sorry.

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:26 pm
by FurParent
Sorry for your loss :(

Re: A tragedy

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:39 pm
by FurParent
So sorry for your loss :( I know how you feel just be strong.