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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:36 am
by 4loveofchows
Is it possible for the site to add an information section on "How to avoid being scammed"? I own a purebred Chow from a reputable dealer, here in Ontario, Canada, and absolutely love the breed. This is my 3rd Chow. This past January, the breeder notified me that a testimonial I'd given to her website had been copied and pasted to another website for a guy advertising Chow pups for sale. "Ryan'schowchows" is the name of the site. He uses a photo taken from the Chowclub International website showing a Philippine Chow owner, Gines Enriquez, with his dog, Bowie. This guy, Ryan, (probably not his real name) uses photos of all the breeder's dog and of her home.

I think it would be useful for anyone starting to look into owning a Chow to learn what they need to ask. Any reputable breeder will have a Facebook page, will be fully transparent as to their location, will advertise the lineage of the animal and provide certificates from the AKC or CKC, if purebred. It angers me to think that the adorable faces of Chows are being used to scam money from unsuspecting people.

The government department dealing with frauds like this says there are so many instances of this happening that it's impossible to get these guys. I'd hope that an educational component would help to match the right Chow up to the right person.

Re: Scammers

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:48 pm
by mrgrtt123
Have you reported it?