Chow transport Davenport IA to Hampstead NC

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Chow transport Davenport IA to Hampstead NC

Postby katannchow » Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:37 am

Date: Sat/Sun March 15/16 rescheduled from march 8/9 due to weather

Beginning point: Davenport IA
Destination: Hampstead NC

Reason for transport: shelter to temp foster to rescue
Buster is a red male chow who ended up in the Mt Carroll IL animal control facility. He has a rescue waiting for him in North Carolina. He is a friendly fellow who will make a great companion for a chow loving adopter.

Coordinator: Deanna Fuller ( phone 507-283-4576
We are flexible and open to any suggestions to help get Buster to his rescue. Please reply directly to coordinator, not to group so we don't miss any offers. If volunteering, please include the driver form at the bottom with your reply. Thanks!

Route: Saturday March 8
15minutes added for each transfer
1)Davenport IA to Peru IL
1 hour, 28 min 84.19 miles
Depart:7:00am Arrive:8:28am

2)Peru IL to Joliet IL
1 hour, 4 min 61.58 miles
Depart:8:40am Arrive:9:44am
Filled: Catherine and Jad

3)Joliet IL to Portage IN
1 hour, 1 min 52.23 miles
Depart: 10:00am Arrive:11:01am
Filled: Catherine and Jad

4)Portage IN to South Bend IN
time zone change, add one hour
57 min 57.20 miles
Depart:11:15am(CST) Arrive:1:15pm(EST)
Filled: Catherine and Jad

5)South Bend IN to Jamestown IN
1 hour, 14 min 73.86 miles
Depart: 1:30pm Arrive:2:45pm
Filled: Catherine and Jad

6)Jamestown IN to Maumee OH(near Toledo)
1 hour, 18 min 77.45 miles
Depart:3:00pm Arrive:4:18pm
Filled: Thanks Kim!

7)Maumee OH to Avery OH(near Sandusky)
1 hour, 2 min 62.22 miles
Depart:4:35pm Arrive: 5:40pm

8)Avery OH to Ravenna OH
1 hour, 22 min 80.45 miles
Depart:5:55pm Arrive: 7:17pm

9)Ravenna OH to Pittsburgh PA
1 hour, 38 min 94.11 miles
Depart:7:30pm Arrive:9:10pm

Overnight Filled: Pittsburgh area

Route: Sunday March 9
10)Pittsburgh PA to Bedford PA
1 hour, 49 min 106.99 miles
Depart:7:00am Arrive:8:49am
Filled: thanks Mary Kay

11)Bedford PA to Hagerstown MD
1 hour, 23 min 71.18 miles
Depart:9:05am Arrive:10:30am

12)Hagerstown MD to Washington DC
1 hour, 23 min 72.66 miles
Depart:10:45am Arrive:12:10pm

13)Washington DC to Richmond VA
1 hour, 50 min 105.91 miles
Depart:12:25pm Arrive:2:15pm
Filled: Thanks Nancy

14)Richmond VA to Emporia VA
1 hour, 13 min 68.27 miles
Depart:2:30pm Arrive:3:45pm
Filled: Thanks Angie

15)Emporia VA to Rocky Mount NC
59 min 60.35 miles
Depart:4:00pm Arrive:5:00pm
Filled: Thanks Angie

16)Rocky Mount NC to Goldsboro NC
56 min 54.35 miles
Depart:5:15pm Arrive:6:11pm
Filled: Gary

17)Goldsboro NC to Hampstead NC
1 hour, 36 min 89.27 miles
Depart: 6:25pm Arrive: 8:00pm
Filled: by Rescue Thanks Paula!

Passenger information:
Name: Buster
Breed: chow chow
Gender: male to be neutered by rescue
Age: 3yrs
Size: 50lb, medium
Behavior: well behaved and friendly with most people
Vaccinations: dhpp, bordetella, rabies
Behavior with other dogs: unknown
Behavior with cats: unknown
Crate: not provided, recommended
Traveling with: leash,collar, paperwork, health certificate, 2 days food supply

Sending facility:
Carroll County Animal Control
10735 Mill Rd
Mt.Carroll, IL 61053
Phone: 815-244-9705
Contact person: Joe Grim
Joe Grim, CCACO

Temp foster:
Chow Baby Grooming
11279 140th St
Davenport, IA 52804
phone 563-381-3647
Contact person: Tarri Leathers

Receiving rescue:
Pender Animal Rescue
Hampstead, NC, 28443
Contact person: Paula Paye

Driver info form........please fill in and return to coordinator.........Thanks!

Email address:
Home phone:
Cell phone:
Vehicle description:
Vehicle license plate #:
Misc.: (anything you think we should know to help this run smoothly)
Rescue or shelter affiliation, if any or other coordinator you have driven for:
Suggested meeting place for the start of your leg:
Suggested meeting place for the end of your leg:

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Re: Chow transport Davenport IA to Hampstead NC

Postby Dogdad » Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:21 am


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