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Rocket Dog Rescue introduces: Lucretia and Larissa

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:33 pm
by Zhuyos mom
UPDATE: They have both been ADOPTED! Larissa's new name is Nala and Lucretia's new name is Moomba! \:D/

CHOWLINGS! Baby "blue-tongued four pawedz"!!! Lucretia and Larissa are pretty little girl chowlings.

Both are approximately 23 lbs. and estimate to be around 4 months old (or so). Very puppyish - which means full of energy and need alot of time, attention and tender loving care!

If you are a TLC type of person, live in the San Francisco Bay Area, would like some tiny purple kisses for the next few months and you are interested in either Larissa or Lucretia or both, please contact zingara_princepessa on this site via PM or e-mail her directly at

Aren't they cute?

Update: Cesare turned out to be a female chowling - thus the name change to Larissa!