Rocket Dog Rescue introduces: MANFRED!

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Rocket Dog Rescue introduces: MANFRED!

Post by Zhuyos mom » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:39 am

UPDATE: Manfred has a forever home!


Meet Manfred! He is a middle aged red chow chow who was brought in as a stray to animal services down in the south bay. A rescue from way up north of California sent us the attached picture of him (which doesn't do him justice, he's way more handsome in real life), and the shelter's behaviorist said he's a very good boy. When a shelter says a chow is a good boy, it MUST be true, since as we know quite well, most put chows down as soon as they come in.

This morning he is spending the day with the RDR vet where he will be for a few days getting his shots, his approximate age will be determined, etc., He's a very waggy-tailed, purple-kiss-giving guy, who doesn't mind other dogs and really deserves a wonderful home. If you have a wonderful home where Manfred can run around, roll around, pounce around and zoomie his hearts delight, please contact zingara_princepessa via PM on this site or directly via e-mail at

If you would like to be a foster to Manfred or any chow chow we are able to rescue, please contact us. We are always in need of a chow savvy foster parent with a chow friendly home environment. The more chow fosters we have, the more chows we can rescue.

Once Manfred is spiffed up, I'll post updated photos of our new rocket chow!

UPDATE: Manfred's vet best estimated him as a 6 year old pure bred. Manfred is such a love. He thinks he's a poodle! He will hop up into your lap for loves and will reward you with doggie kisses from his purple tongue. He L-O-V-E-S to go on walks, especially along the water. He's a chow but isn't as aloof as the breed in general. He likes to make friends. He's uncertain around other dogs, and as a result he should be someone's one and only pet. Manfred is neutered and current on all his shots.
In order to find the best possible home for Manfred, Rocket Dog Rescue is requiring applicants to have previous, verifiable chow chow experience. If you live in the San Francisco bay area and would like to meet this great guy, please email or via PM on this site (zingara_princepessa). Manfred is a real cool fellow. Leo's mum and I met him a couple of weeks ago and he was a real sweetheart.
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