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Postby grizzlybear » Sun Apr 17, 2005 7:21 am


im looking for a muzzle for monkey

hes a three yr old boy that has a thing about smaller dogs (yes he's been nutered)

the rest of the time he's a big soft teddy that will sit on your knee when he wants some attension :shock:

to avoid any trouble ive come to the conclusion that a muzzle is needed (for a few years till he grows out of it) when out on a walk as owners of smaller dogs seem to be quite happy to let their dogs run arround out of controll !!!! :x

so far the best bet is this from a polish site
the leather muzzle is down at the bottom of the leather muzzles page

anybody know of any other good muzzles ?????? that fit well

his sister and mum both run off the lead with no problems (as long as i walk where they want to go :))

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