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Postby chowlover » Thu Mar 31, 2005 3:25 pm


I was wondering if anyone knows of a home insurance company that will cover Chow Chows. After researching it appears that they are on a insurance company "blacklist", meaning that the insurance company will not cover the home owner's chow. This list consist of Rotweillers, Pit Bulls, Shepards, etc. Hard to believe Chows are on that list. javascript:emoticon(':cry:')
Crying or Very sadI looked at the ACK.org site regarding this matter, and was wondering if anyone knows of an insurance company that will cover chows.



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Re: Insurence

Postby Jeff&Peks » Thu Mar 31, 2005 5:20 pm

The people that write those blacklist haven't got a clue what a Chow, pit or rott even looks like so you can do what we did and say you have a mix, Chow/symoyed, Chow/whatever, they probably won't come out to check and even if they did, say your Chow is large cat they won't know the difference.
I lived in 2 places that Chows were not allowed yet the same people that wrote the rules would tell me what a beautiful dog I had then ask what kind she was, answer, Black Alaskan sled dog, it never failed.



Postby Guest » Thu Mar 31, 2005 6:43 pm

Unfortunately, we have found your situation here. We also stated on our insurance form that our Max-A-Million was a samoyed/Chow mix. In that way our insurance covered us and our premiums didn't go sky high. Good luck to you on your insurance hunt.

Elaina and Max-A-Million :roll:

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