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8 week old chow issue! Help!

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:22 am
by Minnie28
Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site so I apologize if i'm doing this all wrong...

I have just welcomed an 8 week old chow chow puppy into my home, his name is Chy :)

I've had him for 6 days and since last night, when he does his business (number 2) he has been crying during.

I did change his food on saturday and he seemed quite constipated yesterday so I swapped back to the original food.

He did one extra large number 2 yesterday afternoon and cried during this - he later on had diarrhea and cried through this alos!

Today he is back to his normal toilet habits but is still crying during!

He's still been eating/drinking/playing as normal - the only issue is when he goes the toilet!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Should I be taking him to see a vet?

Thanks in advance!

Re: 8 week old chow issue! Help!

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:32 pm
by Brisco
Something seems wrong with that. If my dog was in pain I would take him to the Vet.

Re: 8 week old chow issue! Help!

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:37 am
by Minnie28
Thanks for your reply, he was allergic to the food I’d tried swapping him to 😢 all sorted now!