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My male chow pup hates men...

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:02 am
by Podgina
Duke is 8 months old but since the beginning he's always had issues with men. He's always suspicious of all strangers/new people and can take time to warm up. Sometimes I feel they have to start again every time they see him. Generally with woman he is fine. Lets them pat him and is mostly friendly. However, from when I first brought him home, my male friend came to meet him. He barked at him ran and hid if he went near him and when I went to the bathroom my friend tried to pick him up and he bit him quite badly.

Then I started noticing if (some) men tried to pat him in the street he would duck their pat and run. Slow and stead definitely wins the race and patting under his chin or face side compared to his head. I also found it's better if people get low and meet him at his level it's better.

My dad is 6ft6 and this was definitely the worst issue. He tried to bite dad when he went to pat him and cried. He barked at him consistently, even go into his bedroom at night and bark at him (wake him haha). They spent a few days together and dad was slow and let Duke come to him and they became friends. But every time they meet again it's like starting all over again. Also dad went to pat him from standing and Duke gave a very aggressive growl, which I'd never heard him do before. But when dad sat at the dinner table he came over wanting pats.

Despite this, there are some men he's met he is so fine with. They are usually dog owners, so maybe it's the smell or understanding for dogs. Duke has gotten better with letting random men in the street pat him. If they come on too strong (no hand smelling and straight for the top of the head, he'll duck and run away) but if we are in my house/office/beach house he really struggles with any man that comes.

I've been told this is a protective thing male chow's can have when they have a female owner. But is this just how it will always be with Duke or does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: My male chow pup hates men...

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:48 pm
by archie08
Yup, that sounds familiar. Had my pup for almost 12 years and he always favored women. I agree it is a protection thing. Eventually, he can come around if there is a specific male you are wanting him to accept. You just need to be patient and calm.