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questions about living space and potty training

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:00 pm
by urso
Dear all,
I am considering adopting a chow puppy in the near future, but I want to make sure I can offer him the right conditions before actually getting one. I live in a flat with a room-sized rooftop balcony large enough to play and run around. The balcony is uncovered, and I thought it could be an acceptable substitute for a real outdoor space on the days I can't walk him outside (but most days I can, anyway). I also wonder whether I could use a small part of that space as a bathroom for my dog during my workdays (twice weekly), since I work long hours and I live on the 6th floor in a building without lift, which makes going out after work somewhat difficult. If that's possible, what arrangements would you recommend? Using soil, sand, cat litter or pad?
Again, concerning potty training: do you take out your chow twice daily and on a regular schedule, at the exact same hour each day? And how do you clean up your chow afterwards? Do you use wet wipes?
Sorry for such detailed questions. They might sound stupid, but I am a novice and I know chow chow is a difficult breed to get on with, so I want to make my future pet's life as good as possible.
Thanks in advance for your help!