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Can Pure breed with no kc reg be a stud dog?

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:43 am
by Soph92
Hi I have 6 years old male chow chow and he’s just the best dog you could imagine... so well behaved and such a loving and beautiful personality and look. I would love to have another chow chow as addition to our family and I really would like it to be his child. He’s never had a girlfriend and he’s already 6years 7months old. He is Completly healthy. What are your opinions and advice on finding female chow chow who would get pregnant with him. I Don’t want to earn money on him being a stud I just want one of the puppies of his to join my family. Do you have any advise or opinions how to go about it the best way? He is a pure breed but no kc reg papers