Need help to protect my dogs..!!

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Need help to protect my dogs..!!

Postby Summerhan » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:10 am

I believe that a dog can be a pleasant addition to any home. They are more than just furry companions to me. We have four dogs in our home, and at night we set them free to move around the house. For the past few weeks, it had observed that raccoons were entering our premise. We used to keep the pet food in our backyard during night times. We didn't notice that raccoons were taking it as tasty snacks, and it used to come every day as we used to left pet food at outdoors regularly. Once we noticed this and we stop keeping this outside, but these raccoons became our regular visitors, and they used to make a complete mess over the backyard. Last day these raccoons had a fight with our pet dogs and one of our dogs was bit by a raccoon. I had read that raccoon bite can make victim at risk of illness or in rare case death. They are part of our family, and it is very painful to see them affected with any diseases. So we need immediate help to find raccoon removal services in Markham to get rid of these raccoons from our property because we don't want to happen this with my remaining dogs. Do anyone here has any experience working with any wild removal services, please let me know. Or if you have any good suggestions, please share it with me.

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