My chow chow is going bald on his neck area .

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My chow chow is going bald on his neck area .

Postby Floki » Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:22 pm

hi everyone my name is floki and i am 1 year old i have been healthy and happy living with my mom and dad, i go for walkies every day and i eat 3 times a day i have eggs sweet potato rice and peas once and chicken peas sweet potato rice twice i have omega 3 oil with all my 3 meals plenty of fresh water, i have a big problem i am going bald on my neck area all around my neck i have bald patches and i always scratch myself a lot it started 3 months a go i used to have rice and chicken everyday but since i srtared loosing my hair my daddy changed my diet to above meals it hasnt helped me i am very scared of everyone ( VERY ) i cant go to vets they wont see me i wont let them touch me :? I dont want to go completely bald this is making my daddy very upset please help me .

I also started having allergy supplement called (Lintbells YuMEGA Itchy Dog Supplement for dogs with itchy or sensitive skin) for my itchy skin it hasnt helped me i also have baths with apple cider viniger and organic flea shampoo twice a months my daddy thinks i have fleas and i am allergic to them .

I need your help my daddy dosnt know what to do anymore.

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