Raising A Chow pup and having a child a couple years after.

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Raising A Chow pup and having a child a couple years after.

Postby Morisu » Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:13 am

Hello everybody!

My name is Maurice, and i have a question about owning and raising a Chow to all you Chow owners out there.
(Excuse me for my bad English, i'm not a native English speaker!)

Me and my girlfriend are moving in together next Januari, in a cosy house with a nice average sized garden.
We have been talking and researching about adopting a Chow pup for quite a while now, but there is just one question i feel like it has not been answered by our research. And this is why i am asking the question to y'all, the experts! :)

Our question is as following; Within the next couple of years my girlfriend and i would like to have a child, and would this be a problem if we raised our Chow well, and focus a lot on socialisation? (The Chow would be approx. 3/4 years old then!)

My girlfriend and i believe that the way te Chow is raised impacts a lot on the way the chow would handle the arrival of a newborn child. Unfortunately my girlfriend and i are a little bit on the fence now because of all the negative things you read online about the Chows being not compatible with children by nature.

Our question is what your experiences are, while growing up with Chows, or having a Child while having a Chow.

We are both completely in love with the Chow because of it's described character, which is very much exactly what we look for in a dog. We hope y'all can help us with our desicion and take our doubts away!

Thanks in advance for your answers, and i wish all you guys a very nice day! :D


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