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Kids and my Chow

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:17 pm
by Mr Mo
Hi everyone

I have 3 problems I need assistance with.

1. I have 2 daughters. The older one(8) is scared of animals and anything that.moves basically. She doesn't seem to be getting used to the puppy(9weeks). I have tried to advise her to stop running as Zhuri thinks she wants to play. How can I help her

2. The youngest daughter(2) is not scared of animals,in fact she loves Zhuri. Problem is she thinks Zhuri is a toy. She pulls her by her ears and likes picking her up. She also likes running around while it chases her. I am training the dog not to chase people around. Should I be worried as they seem to be best friends? How can I train the puppy not to bite while not spoiling the bond between the two? Older one hates the games

3. Zhuri doesn't want to sleep outside. It cries and moans when we lock it outside. I dnt mind the dog inside the house but we want it outside at night.

Re: Kids and my Chow

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:49 am
by Laura
You are forcing a 9 week old puppy to sleep outside alone? Of course the baby doesn't want to be alone and separated from the family! My question is why get the puppy, especially a Chow, if you have a terrified child and why get a puppy you want to force outside alone at night? These are the most important weeks, yes weeks, of a Chows life for training, bonding, socialization, building trust, etc. Why does the pup need to be outside at night?
A dog is a family member. As far as your question regarding your two year old. It's up to you to teach her how to properly interact with a dog. That 9 week old puppy is going to be 9 months before you can blink and will not tolerate that behavior. This all sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Re: Kids and my Chow

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:21 am
by Mr Mo
Hi Laura

Thanx for your reply. Unfortunately you provided no solutions and assumed quite a lot of things.

1. The dog sleeps inside the house,however we would prefer a pet that stays outside ultimately. If you prefer dogsgsleeping. Inside the house,it's a preference not a rule. I just needed ways to prepare it for that.

2. One daughter loves animals,the other doesn't. We got a puppy so we can try to help the one with fears. We dnt know where the fear comes from. making it sound like I'm a horrible parent is totally unnecessary,I'm doing my best to help her fears.

3. Lastly,every member has spoken about how their pups are naughty,not sure why mine is expected not to be. I just wanted some ideas on how to train it so it doesn't get used to "playing" like this. By the way,it hardly gives me or my helper any issues,we are firm with our No's

If you still do not have solutions for me rather not interact...

Re: Kids and my Chow

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:14 am
by chunkymonkeys
There seems to be 2 scared little ones in the house. Both of them are being forced to do things they are scared of, and they're too little to fully comprehend what you want them to do. Perhaps as your older child grows older, she will be able to deal with animals. Right now she and the puppy need to feel safe. Adopt out the puppy because it's a baby too and wants to be included in the family. When chows grow up, a lot of them prefer to stay outdoors because their coats are thick and they stay cool. Your child may or may not grow out of her fear of animals, but right now she needs to feel secure and safe. And the puppy needs that as well. If you want to adopt out the puppy, there's rescue groups for chows in almost every state. You do seem to have your daughter's best interest at heart, but the approach needs a bit of adjustment.

Re: Kids and my Chow

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:11 am
by KatlynSamsonsMom
I most definitely would suggest adopting the puppy out while it is still young and wait until your children are a bit older to handle a puppy especially a puppy like a chow.

Re: Kids and my Chow

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 6:33 am
by Anage
The youngest daughter needs to constantly explain that a dog is not a toy. That the animal can be hurt because of her actions. Patience to you. Everything will be fine.