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Getting puppies early?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:51 pm
by NolaDarling15
So this is the second chow I’m getting from a breeder , and the second time in a row I was told I could come get the pup early because of me being far away two different breeders. First pup I got was Nola it was the guys first litter so I understood him letting her go at 6 weeks , I asked multiple times if he was sure she was ready. I don’t find out pups are not of age until after a deposit is put down I get told the puppies are ready to go and then I ask if I could pick up my second chow a male a few days early because I’m on vacation .. I got told he was ready about 4 days after the initial pick up date but find out he’s only 5 weeks and once again would only have been six weeks when I went to go pick him up. This breeder was a recommended one and had sold pups before, is it normal for pups to go early nowadays ? I’m not bashing breeders or anything I just know if this is normal