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Patch on my Chow Chow

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:29 pm
by DanielleH
Hi guys

I own a 1.5 year old red Chow named Bagel. She’s a beautiful, stubborn, healthy girl but the last week I have noticed a number of patches on her neck. I was concerned it was alopecia x a little while ago (I found him hair on her hind legs with dark pigmentation) but my vet assured me it was not.
These new neck patches, however, are a mix between ‘bald’ and hair growing back lightly and I don’t think they are hot spots as it’s clear skin (not dry or itchy for her) - and no pigmentation whatsoever. I was then concerned it might be fleas but she never itches and these appear to be purely around her neck? Which brought me to my next theory that it may be a result of the way she plays with my partners German Shepherd, they are best buds but do have rough little play sessions - and Leo (GSD) does bite her neck a lot - could this be why?? Any other advice is much appreciated.

I do not have much faith in the vet industry so prefer to seek real-life advice from fellow Chow owners.

Thank you