Confusion regarding Chow Chow colors. Please help!

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Confusion regarding Chow Chow colors. Please help!

Postby Southshore » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:59 am

Hi everyone! Hope all of you and your Chows are doing well. I have some confusion regarding Chow Chow puppy colors puppy colors and how they change.

Can you please tell me what color would a dark reddish orange/brown Chow Chow be as a puppy? How does the color change? What color puppy will turn out into a dark reddish orange/brown adult? If you can please send some sample pictures of dark red adult dogs and their pictures at two months old that would be just great!

I am attaching some pictures. Please let me know what color puppy would turn into an adult of this color?

Can't attach photos. Kindly guide me how to attach photos. Thank you!

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