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New chow chow puppy help

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:06 am
by chowpup
Hello, I got my chow chow puppy Nala yesterday, I believed the seller was reputable as she claimed to be a licensed breeder, sent photos of the dog’s parents and stated she would bring proof that she’s had all of her vaccinations. However when we got home I realised the proof was in a pet passport stating the puppy was born in Hungary. I was led to believe she was born in England and had never travelled before taking her (I wouldn’t of supported this happening had I known) she’s 4 months old and cost £1000. She just lays down in a corner and will only move if I lift her (which I don’t do often) she’s let me comb the tangles out of her coat and has ate some food, I got her purina pro plan for large puppies - is this okay? She doesn’t like treats and won’t play with any toys, doesn’t bark or move but will walk around the garden.
I have her an appointment with the vet to make sure she has in fact had all of her vaccinations and rabies jab, any advice you could give on helping her settle in would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Re: New chow chow puppy help

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:04 am
by TeddyChow

Congrats on your new baby. I am a new chow owner as well, and im sure others here have tons more experience than me, but since mine was recent and effective here it is:

She will take time to adjust to her new surroundings. In this time i would suggest, boiling very high valued treats like hot dogs/chicken/steak. No seasoning nothing. Tear them into very small bits. Several times a day, and i cant stress how important this is, carry her, massage her all over her body face toes everywhere. Stuff as many treats as you need for her to get used to being handled. She will wimper, she will cry, but dont give into this as it will validate her action, and she will understand that a whimper will get her out of your hands. You and every person in your household should do this, several times a day. This teaches her, being carried is good, being handled is good, being touched is good.

She will build trust with you over the next few days or week. Once she does she will break out of her shell and will want to play and be social. As for now, run around the house with her, try to start a chase, puppies love to chase humans, and if she sees you run past her she will do the same. This encourages her to be playful. Use bully sticks, meaty chews like antlers to help her through her teething. Throw toys around the house to get her moving, make them interesting, wiggle them infront of her, let her chase them. All in all let her have fun the first week and little to no restrictions, except for corrections when she chews on something she shouldnt. AND ONLY CORRECT POSITIVELY BY DIRECTING HER TO A TOY OR CHEW. Never hit, never scream, never use her name in a negative situation. Her name should ring happiness in her mind.

Lastly, SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE. She is 4 months now and a little beyond her impressionable period. So you have to go out of your way to introduce her to as many people, experiences, noises, places, smells. Also use very very high value treats. Highly important for a good tempered puppy.

Finally and that i learnt the hard way through a visit to the vet after my little one fell sick. STICK TO 1 Ingredient treats! NOTHING FROM CHINA, VIETNAM or the like. Freezed dried anything is good. Freeze dry beef liver, freeze dry chicken breast. ONE INGREDIENT TREAT ONLY! This will not only be very healthy for her, but also maintain her digestive system intact.

Love her, love her , love her. Chows respond to love and positive vibes like no other. Give her a few days to settle in and you will find yourself with a very beautiful puppy inside out. Send an update here on her progress.

Re: New chow chow puppy help

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:25 am
by chowpup
Thank you! I’ve already noticed a big improvement in her, she’s much more curious, loves her treats and isn’t so scared when people approach her. Every time she enters a different room she automatically sits in a corner and won’t move, I assume she feels safest here and my cat won’t be helping but hopefully she settles and explores more. Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely be using it!