New drop ear?

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New drop ear?

Postby wunshot2 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:05 am

Hello everyone,

Hi guys, I’m kind of a new dog owner and I’ve never owned more than one dog at a time until now. I had a concern about one of my dog’s ears and after finding these forums thought I could get some insight from some more experienced chow owners. My chow, Kaya, is a healthy little girl only 5 months old, my mother and I have had her for a month and a half now, and her previously perky left ear is no longer standing erect but now seems to have dropped down to the left. It makes her head look kind of lopsided. I’ve heard that since they’re teething this often leads to puppie’s ears dropping for awhile but my mother is concerned that it’s due to too much rough play with our other puppy, Cinder (only 3 months but she plays much harder than Kaya). The two girls both get along well, amd while Cinder initiates play more, Kaya very clearly plays back but seems to let Cinder get away with being rough. Could too much ear biting lead to drop ear? And should we separate them into different rooms for a little while when the play gets too rough? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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