Puppy coat

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Puppy coat

Post by Teddy.SantanaRow » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:51 pm

Our pup is 15 going on 16 weeks now. He’s healthy, happy and so well mannered. He meets dozens of people everyday as we take him EVERYWHERE with us and he also goes to puppy socials about 5-6 times a week so he loves other dogs. Overall he is a dream pup and very spoiled (as they should be). I was just curious if there are any indicators of the potential color and fluffy ness he will be when older. His parents are both pretty fluffy so I’m assuming he should be too.Also he was the runt of the litter as his mom rejected him and he had to be bottle fed but he has big paws. How does this affect size? He’s presently about 20lbs at almost 16 weeks.I’ve heard that the color around their ears should be close to their adult color is this true? Here’s a few pics of Teddy and his parents. Sire is cream and dam is red. Oh and last question! When do they get their adult fur? Right now his mane is coming in but his back half looks like a baby sheep lol. Thanks I’m advance!
C68A4ADE-3185-45B8-A6F1-D257DC0BFD3D.jpeg (187.22 KiB) Viewed 3886 times
FE921E04-1278-4407-A313-D67ED7FABE6F.jpeg (98.2 KiB) Viewed 3886 times
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