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hello again

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:06 pm
by chow315
hi alot has gone on since i was here last. i should really be called softy especially when it comes to chows.we took in a very old deaf chow who was going to be put down. his owners died and no one wanted him. he lived abour 3 years to maybe 14 a real sweetheart.then we took in a beautiful white purebred who was 3 but had been horribly abused and only taken to the vet to be fixed at a few months old. no healthcare after that or socialazation was left alone in an apt. when we took him in we had dogs and that was up and down but was better than with us.he was very afraid and would bite bite until you were bleeding. he did this if you tried to touch him at all.we took him to the vet and they tried to sedate him but even with 5 people we coukd not do it. we had given him a strong sedative before we went and the vet was going to give a shot. we could not bathe him the best we could do was to hose him down in the yard. he was a long haired chow. he was with us about 2 years and he died in his sleep. we had him at the vet again and they could only only guess at what was wrong he was on antibiotics.after that i went to the dog pound and got a 3year old red prebred chow named krillin.his former owners named him after a comic book character.well he is a very good boy he still thinks he is a puppy very loving and no health problems except he needed that eye surgery entropin? also we got another dog who is an american dingo.we thought he was just thin but it turns out he has epi but it is controlled with meds. he is very loving and very smart.about 3 months ago we got a call where a friend from church died and they had chows ,would we take them? yes. so we got them and they are a mix and were in very bad shape molly is 13 years old . dude is 7 he is her puppy. he was not fixed and has bad ear infections. they both have very good tempermanents and get along well.that is my update. i look forward to hearing from you all and happy new year

Re: hello again

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:57 pm
by chow315
would love to hear from some of you