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Suggestions on training and games to play

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:11 pm
by Lizzie Snyder
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on here and I was hoping to get some advice. I have a Chow/lab mix who is about 7 now. He is a rescue and I've had him for 4 years. His personality is pretty much all chow. He's stubborn, independent, VERY loyal, a great guard dog, has a very odd but hilarious sense of humor, and pretty weary of strangers but confident at the same time. He's an amazing dog and incredibly smart, sometimes too smart. I've spent a ton of money on trainers but he would spend the entire session sitting down completely ignoring the trainer, not responding to anything. He doesn't seem to bond with anyone except me. I taught him basic things myself and he's pretty well behaved.

Where I'm running into trouble is finding things to keep him occupied. When he doesn't get enough mental stimulation he starts to get himself into trouble (like finding a new way to break out of the house to terrorize the neighbors outdoor cats). I've been trying to think of games that I can play with him and I've thought about training him in something (like scent work) but keeping him engaged or interested at all is difficult.. He'd rather be staring out the window or patrolling the back yard but those things don't work his brain enough. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!!

Re: Suggestions on training and games to play

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:22 pm
by Mia
He looks like he has a doggy sister or brother that should keep him occupied.
But, there are other things you can do, like give him a Kong (rubber toy you can find in Petco or other pet shop) and fill it with peanut butter or soft spreadable cheese. That should keep him occupied.