Chow Chow Castration

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Chow Chow Castration

Postby jaydfreeman » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:36 am


I have just booked my Chow in for his operation to be castrated!
He has had a previous bad experience with a different vet and is therefore very nervous/aggressive when he has to take a trip to the vets.
He has a new vet now who is amazing and very patient with him. She will be doing the op herself in a weeks time, but I am extremely nervous about the entire thing!
Due to his aggression towards the veterinary nurses, they have prescribed me with some sedation tablets to take at home two hours before his op, but have warned me that he may fall asleep at home and I will have to carry him in, which the very thought of is upset me!
I am also nervous about him having the op itself with general anaesthetic as he's never had any form of anaesthetic before.
I am very attached to my Chow, so I know I am probably working myself up (and more scared than he is!)

I am just wondering if anyone else has had a previous experience with at home sedation, castrating their Chow and the benefits they saw after the op?

The main reason I have thought about having him fixed is the problems he has with other dogs (especially males) and the fact he can be a little unpredictable as he's getting older.

Any previous experiences would be gratefully appreciated!


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Re: Chow Chow Castration

Postby Jdcell100 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:11 am

Our 4 year old chow boo boo loves going to vet until we reach the room with the scale last year for his shot appointment they had to give him a shot to put him in a semi knock out stage he wasent totally knoked out but he was down then they gave him a reversal shot and he was back up in one minute back to normal .when we left they gave me pills to give him whenever we bring him back they told me give him 1 and a half 2 hours befor we come. Had to bring him back he had a hot spot on his leg so we go give him the pills and they still and to give him that shot but this time it knoked him completely out out cold after they wher done they gave him reversal shot and it took around an hour or so to wake up this time next time I'm not giving the pills just the shot I think the pills kicked in with the shot and knoked him out cold

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