When do chows ear stand up?

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When do chows ear stand up?

Postby MikaTheChow » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:02 pm

Hi everybody!
I have a beautiful chow girl, currently 5 months old.
I just wanted to know when do their ears stand up? She's currently transitioning into her adult teeth right now and I've read one or two sources that say after they finish losing their teeth, however reading some of y'alls personal experiences, it seems to have happened within a few weeks. Now I'm starting to doubt whether she's even a pure bred chow, as it doesn't seem likely that her ears will stand up.. And also a lot of you guys say that your chow is really bad off-leash, but my chow LOVES to follow me around. I know each chow is different, but just wanted a second opinion (ie. How your chow looked around 4 months, some things that dnt fit what a general chow would do ) she does have her purple tongue, however it's not completely purple. She's also a cinnamon and I also read that it takes longer for their coloring, but nothing about the ears.
Thank You in advance!

P.S. i can't upload photos but if anybody has instagram you can look up "shiba_chow" and see her from puppy to now.

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Re: When do chows ear stand up?

Postby kitten1426 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:38 am

They can take awhile some 6 months some right away...Our female chow hers always stood up since a pup...Our Male he has one droopy ear he is almost 5 years old now..so keep an eye on it might stand up one day...lol
Our dogs...Kodi Male chow..[Mia Female Chow RB :( :( ]...Bear Male Airedale...Shelby Male Collie...And Moose airedale.

Chow Tribe
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Re: When do chows ear stand up?

Postby Chow Tribe » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:48 pm

Well,I think they should be up now..usually they are up by six months at the latest..A flowered tongue can happen.Is she a registered dog?
A cinammon is a dilute ;so sometimes their pigment is not good. I have had several chows good off leash..it`s usually the other dogs outside,charging and growling who have caused problems for me. But with the false reputation chows have gotten ,I keep mine on lease at all times;or it will be there fault..even when it isn`t.

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