New member with a couple of questions before adoption.

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New member with a couple of questions before adoption.

Postby captainkaline » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:29 am

Hi y'all

So let's try and make a long story short. I'm personally looking for a companion dog to be an ESA. Im looking for a dog thats not going to be upset if I'm not home all the time, but who will want my attention and or be attentive when I am. I've been offered a few different dogs, one is a bichon (I'm personally not overly fond of the breed but he comes fully veted and trained) another was a jack Russell mix ( way to high energy for me so sadly i hadto turn that one down) and then there is this little chow mix at the local shelter that I'm very interested in. I'm not sure what cross she is. ( I'll include her adoption picture, maybe yall can give me a better idea) Some say Shiba, another friend thinks american eskie, another thinks cattle dog

She's two years old and possibly between 20 and 30 pounds and maybe between 14to 17 inches tall at the shoulder. The last time i saw her she was very call while in the kennel even though she had to howling and barking dogs on either side of her. Though a bit shy she was more then willing to come to the front of the kennel with very little coaxing and even gave my hand a few licks. She clearly has the Chow black tongue. Sadly to say she's still on hold for another few days so I couldn't take her into a visiting area.

Its been a little while since I've had a dog, and I hate to admit it but all the internet chatter about chows being aggressive dogs has me worried.

I guess what I'm asking is, what are the odds of a chow mix being the type of dog I'm looking for? Are any of your chow mixes or chows for that matter very affectionate? Is two years old to old to be socialized and trained? And what sort of behavior ques should I be looking for that signal a well balances dog?

I should note, she would not be my first dog, but she would be my first shelter dog so I'm a bit blind there . Thanks for any advice, and please forgive any typos, I'm stuck on my phone.
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Re: New member with a couple of questions before adoption.

Postby ski » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:23 pm

Every dog has a uniqu character. I have had many dogs...all rescues. Interesting fact that they were all about two years old when we acquired them (or should I say, they acquired us!). All of our rescues found us in interesting ways, the last two being a pure chow and a chow Newfoundland. Our son found the chow in a city street. He was in a bad way and needed help. I wasn't happy about it as I had heard stories of chows bring aggressive. Well..that was ten years ago. Loki left New York to live with us in the suburbs . I look at Loki now and I laugh when I think of him being aggressive. He is protective and loyal and, although follows me everywhere, he is not very interested in anyone other than his "pack". Our other rescue, Frisco, the chow Newfoundland mix (we fostered nine years ago and he never left) is the total opposite. He loves everyone and is always looking for attention. I love them both so very much and can't ever imagine these years without them. In ten years they have never had a fight. They are devoted to each other and we to them. Good luck with your decision. I always felt the right dog just finds you when you most need them.

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