Do you understand your chow's body language?

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Do you understand your chow's body language?

Postby m_saade » Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:05 pm

After reading alot online and checking photos of dogs' body language, I came to realize that this general body language description does not fit my chow to some extent.

His body language is minimal... and not so obvious, and most of the time clownish and funny.

Here are 3 things he does the most, I would be glad to get your explanations on those, and feel free to add some of your own.

1- the tail:
his tail is 99.99% of the time in the same position, curled up on his back, and of course wiggles when excited.
but I have seen him lower his tail 2 times in 5 months. Amd that was when greeting 1 familiar person once, and the second time when he first met a very old friend of mine which came to visit me after 1 year of being abroad.

He also had the seal face during these 2 encounters, but I wasnt sure if it was fear, excitement.... submissiveness...

2- the ears:
His ears are erect most of the time except for when greeting familiar people. And that is when sometimes he does the seal face.

Other breeds seem to have much more flexible ears where you can see his feelings through their position. But he seems to have stiff ears.

the most common ears back position I see on him is when he steals a toy and runs with it :D

3- the snoring sound while fully awake and sitting:
This makes me laugh all the time..

Out of a sudden, he sits looks you in the eyes and snores...

Sometimes it shows his disapproval of something, sometimes his approval, and sometimes I dont get it.

He just sits, stares at me, and snores...

any explanations? :D

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