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dogs in my bed 2

Postby carolyn dewrance » Sat Apr 23, 2005 1:20 am



A week ago I decided I would try and sell two of my males and possibly buy another new bloodline in, so I advertised in the local Pinetown Paper.
I received a call, but the Lady did not want to buy a chow, she wanted to re-home her bitch. I asked if she was registered and not spayed and who her breeder was. " She comes from Elize Green, and her name is Chinabear Janine and she is five years old and not spayed" before she could go on I said, "Yes I'll take her". " But", said her owner, she bites strangers". Never mind I said I'd still take her as the chance of owning a bitch from Chinabear was not to be given up. Jessica Ward cried on the phone. "I thought I would have to put her down as nobody wanted her." "I do, I said." I will give her a good home and love her.
"Tao" as she is called arrived at our home on Saturday 21 January 1995. Yes she did try to bite me and would not let me near her. I fed her and showed I was not afraid of her. She has eventually settled down and loves her kennel and is eating well, but it took quite some patience on my behalf to befriend her. I could not touch her although I was really dying to get my arms around her lovely head to give her a hug, but she just refused, until yesterday, a week after coming to us.
I let her out of her run to do what she had to and then to my surprise, she came up and licked my hand. I very carefully patted her lovely head I was so excited. She had decided to accept me as her new mistress. She followed me around the garden and the house, allowing me to pet her. She then allowed me to put my arms around her and how lovely it felt knowing I had reached this lovely chow. Today she allowed me to groom her and even played with me. I love her Elize and she will be safe here with me I will start showing her soon and may be make her a Champion. She is really a lovely bitch.
Over that year I made Tao into a Champion after attending 6 shows, she behaved her self extremely well and only one judge whom I will not name and never show under again did not give her a Cc point,
The two males that I was going to sell are now 10 years old and still living with me.
Sadly Tao died when she was 9years old of a uterine infection.

For the last few days, my mind has been playing tricks with me, I found my self constantly thinking about my "Skye's" sister, "Bortei Sidgen", whom I sold to two young men when she was 8 weeks old. I have not seen her as she has grown up, but something nagged me so I tried to phone her owners. The phone was disconnected.
To day at lunchtime, 19 January 1995, tow of my friends from work and I decided to spend our lunch hour at the Kloof S. P.C.A. We often do this at lunchtime, as we all love the animals. Well today was no exception. We first went and said hello to the cats and the kittens then slowly made our way to the dogs available for adoption. There were all sorts, a lot of nice staffies etc. then Jo, who was looking at another cage called me,"Carol there is a Chow here" Well I ran to the cage and my heart almost stopped when I saw her. She looked so much like my "Sharin", she could be her daughter, and I ran to the office to Enquirer if she had a pedigree. "Yes" the lady, said a very good one. "May I see it I asked" To my surprise I found my name as the breeder. She was the bitch I had been worrying about for the last week "Her owner died suddenly " I was told." I am Mrs. Mc Intyre Dewrance" I explained to them, that I was the breeder and that I have copies of her papers. "I want her back, but not spayed, I told them" I was told that they would have to speak to Dr Pringle the Chairman of the S.P.C.A. and also whether I could prove that I am her breeder. I explained that I will show them my Kennel Union Registration number and I will bring it to them.
I then went to her kennel and went inside, at first she was a little nervous, but soon settled down with me when I spoke to her,"Sidgen" I said "I'm coming to get you tomorrow". I rubbed my face against her soft cheek and because her kennel was very hot, no shade at all, I put a choke chain onto her and took her out for a walk. I then put her back into her kennel.
I went back to work and immediately phoned Dr Pringle and explained to him what I had told the S.P.C.A. he said he would consider my request not to spay her and that I must phone back sometime later. When I phoned back later I was told the wonderful news, "She is yours, you can come and get her" I was so thrilled I burst into tears. I was getting my baby back even though she is now 20 months old. I know she will produce lovely puppies one day with Baxter and I will have her in the show ring as soon as possible.
"De JA Vu" or what ever it's called. "Sidgen " reached out to me in her time f trouble and I felt it. I know she will be happy and soon settle down in her birth home.
Sidgen has settled down very well. You would think she had never spent 20 months of her young life away from home. She is lovely, and has a marvelous nature and loves me as much as I love her. She will be my Chow forever.
PostScript 5th Dec 200l.
Sidgen will be 10years old next year and like her sister Skye she is still getting around not as much as she used to because of arthritis in her hind legs but she is still with us and still loved very much.


"Sharin" my Chow Chow bitch was delivered of three live puppies, the first a male, weighing 600 grams was born at ll.45 am well and healthy, the second a bitch, weighing in at 150 grams, a very tiny bitch, breech birth and still in the water bag, When the bag was broken she inhaled some of the fluid, but was soon breathing, she was dried and put with her brother. The third male was born at 1.15pm, a well healthy male of 6oo grams, No problems with him.
The little bitch fed from her mother, but because of her small size, I also bottle fed her a mixture of cows milk, egg yolk and calcium. This she was given every hour as she was very small, and she battled to suck from her mother. I fed her every hour for the first three days and then every two hours thereafter. When she was a week old, she seemed to fade and after warming her, she was again tube fed, and assisted to feed from her mother. Although she did not gain much weight in this second week of life she did not fade again and in the third week of her life she has now began to suck from her mother and is able to take her feed well from a bottle. I am now giving her 2 egg yolks and full cream cows milk every four hours and she is gaining weight, and now weighs 350grams Her eyes opened on the 15 th day and she is crawling around the whelping box quite energetically as well as getting out on the odd occasion. She is constantly being kept warm by having the heater on and has a hot water bottle placed under the blankets. I have also started to give her a teaspoon of Pronutro, which she is starting to take very well. I will try her on scraped beef this week to see if she will be able to digest this. Her length at the time of writing the, was 17cm from her nose to her bottom. She is not walking yet and appears to be at least 2 weeks behind in development compared to her brothers. Who now weighs 1kg250grams and 1kg100grams respectively? Both are learning to get up on their feet and are feeding from their mother and a small amount of pronutro has also been taken.
At the age of 3 weeks she was still in the same position as she was when she was born, not having gained enough weight. I decided to switch off the heaters to see if she could survive on her own. Unfortunately she did not make it and died during the night Misty was her name.
It is very sad to loose a puppy, but these disaster must be expected, Sharins two males puppies are stunning little dogs and are greatly loved by their owners. "Jon Jon " has gone to a very loving home in Port Elizabeth. Their very first Chow and hopefully the start of a Chow love affair, and "Blue Sinjon" has gone to another loving home, the third chow with this family, but their first Blue Chow. He will hopefully be seen at the shows next year! I am proud of my litter and know they will be a credit to Meltari and the Chow Breed. Sharin again produced a very small bitch in a following litter of four puppies, Tanya was also only 150grams at birth and our Vet said that she would never live. She did and has now had two litters of her own, but again like her mother Sharin, she has produced a tiny one and again the vet said she should not be alive.
Chrystal was born on the 16th of June 2000,talk about cloning, Chrystal was identical to her mother only Tanya is a blue chow and Chrystal is red, and she only weighed 100grams at birth, I bottle fed her but she was not gaining weight, I tried to get her to suck from her mother but her mouth was to small and her sister a bully, Shilo domineered all Tanyas teats, they belonged to her, I eventually found a formula that Chrystal enjoyed and at 2 weeks of age she weighed 350 grams, I mixed baby food with her milk and she loved her bottle, drinking up to 60 mls a feed, then falling asleep on my lap, She grew, My Vet gave her a 30% chance of living but like her mother she was a determined puppy, and she grew. We fed her every 2 hours day and night, at three weeks I tried them both on a little soft puppy food, "I prefer my bottle" said Chrystal. Shilo ate well so we continued the bottle as well as trying to get Chrystal to eat from a teaspoon, which she did after a few days of gentle persuasion at four weeks she weighed 500 grams, she could fit into a coffee cup, and her eyes had started to open as well as her teeth coming through, she was also now starting to drink from her mother for the first time, she was getting stronger each day, she was still not walking upright, but dragging her self around her bed on her side, she really looked as if she had brain damage, Don't worry to much said my Vet she is still very weak and her head is heavier then her body, At Six weeks she is now standing, walking, and trying to run. Her sister is going up and down stairs with ease, But Chrystals legs are only as long as my thumb and she tumbles down the stairs to go outside, and sits and cries to come back in, she is just to short to get up a step which is a brick high. She is still having a bottle before she goes to bed, and is eating 4 meals a day, her tiny tummy is always fill, she's a piggy and loves her food, and her sisters leftovers. She now weighs 1kg 500grams, still a tiny chow for her age but size does not come into this she is strong and brave, yes brave, she barked at the black radio station on my alarm this morning, tiny barks woke me up, She had never heard a Zulu voice in her room before.
I thought her mother was small but I sometimes wonder if Chrystal is the smallest Chow puppy to have survived in Africa or possibly the World. To day she is 6 weeks old, she can hold her head up strongly, she can run and play and she is learning to bark, She is 20cm long and 12cm high Her sister Shilo weighs in at 3kg500grams, and growing a strong normal puppy with a lovely nature, clear eyes and a good bite, She walks well and is going to Cape Town on the 12th August to people who have been waiting for her from the day she was conceived. To day Chrystal is 18months old, a delightful little bitch that loves everyone, always on the go and still eats like a horse, She is well and is also a very pretty bitch, a little smaller then her mother, but a very special little girl.



When God made Adam and Eve he asked them if they would like a canine companion Yes! They answered, but he is to be very special, he must have a coat as golden as the sun - an abundant coat to protect him from the heat and the cold. He must have a mouth as black as the night to show up his lovely white teeth, his body must be short and square with strong powerful legs so he can walk around the Garden of Eden, his ears must be upright to be able to hear any sounds so as to protect his owners with his strange bark and he must have a tail that waves at everyone to show he is happy. His eyes must be oval and he should have a permanent grin on his face so he will fool enemies.

So God went back to Heaven and a few weeks later he returned to Adam and Eve with a lovely puppy - his coat as gold as the sun and a mouth as dark as the night. He will grow said God and soon he will be just what you asked for. But he must have a name said Eve. God thought for a second, the CHOW CHOW, he named the puppy to keep him safe from people who might want to eat him. Adam and Eve were happy but soon the Chow Chow started to grow - I am lonely he said one day to them, Please ask god to send me a mate. So once again Adam and Eve called on God and asked for a companion for their Chow Chow and God went back to the drawing board in Heaven.

He soon produced a little female puppy for Chow, and he was happy. But when Adam and Eve were tempted by the Devil and had to leave the Garden of Eden they had to leave behind their faithful companions. Alone in the Garden they decided to have a family of their own. This was the start of a wonderful breed of dog; the CHOW CHOW who protected the Garden of Eden from all evil and still today will protect his home and his loved ones.

Meltari Sultan age 4 months. Youngest chow ever to be entered in Natal Top Dog Show

. Blake wrote this article
Bloat is a condition all larger breed dog owners should be made aware. I never heard of it -ever- until my chow, Tai died of it eight months ago. This condition comes on with no warning, so everyone should be aware of its symptoms. My buddy boy started Pacing back and forth and was very restless (that was my first sign, but didn't know it, then he tried to vomit but nothing came up (this was the second sign- and a very important sign), then he started panting (increased heart rate, another big sign). Even though I never heard of bloat, I knew something was seriously wrong with Tai. We rushed him to the emergency Vet's office and based on what we told them, they knew immediately it was bloat. They ran some tests and came back and told us the grim news that Tai was in serious condition and even if they operated, they would probably not be able to save him. We put him to sleep that night. This was the deepest blow we could have imagined because just three months prior to losing Tai, we lost our female chow, Terra, to cancer. So in three months, I lost both my chows. Talk about pain. This is why Tess is so important to me; I seriously think she's my savior.

I am not trying to frighten everyone into thinking all chows are susceptible to bloat, but it can happen. Young dogs can get it, but it happens more often in older dogs. What happens is the stomach literally flips inside of the dog - sometimes at the esophagus, sometimes in another spot. When that happens, within a very brief period of time, the blood and oxygen supply gets cut off to you dog's vital organs, which will cause shock and death of the stomach tissues very rapidly. Because the symptoms seem so trivial and because we don't know what we are dealing with, sometimes we think our dog will be better in the morning. Quite the opposite-- time is of the essence, this is a serious medical emergency. Your dog can die within a few hours if left untreated. There is good news, however, your dog can survive the surgery. If surgery is successful, keep in mind it can happen again.

Here are a few things we can do: (1) feed your chow two to three small meals a day (not one big one), (2) don't rough-house with your chow immediately after a meal (wait a while), and (3) try not to let your chow gulp too much water too fast -- they are taking in a large amount of air when they drink too fast.

I didn't know about any of these things beforehand and wish I did. We used to feed our chows once a day and right after Tai ate that last night-- which I remember he gulped down eating way too fast -- is when it happened and the symptoms began.

Tess eats several small meals a day and I don't let her gulp too much water. After suffering the loss of one beloved chow baby, I will make sure I take all necessary precautions so it won't happen again.

Thank you Blake for giving me this article to include in my book.

Meltari Doc's Triumph
Meltari Doc's Triumph "Sinjon" as he is loving called is now almost 11 years old, as is sadly slowing down as the years take their toll, as a young puppy and even into his adulthood Sinjon had the most amazing coloring, as seen in the photograph above, he was black and had a white mane and white feathering on his back and his brooks, He has a very loving nature, and gets on well with most of the other Chows, His father was Rickes Dr.Jon and his mother was Meltari Monique, both of them out of my lovely Dr Halley. Sinjon took 4 Cc's and many Rc's as well as a number of Best of Breeds and Reserve best of Breeds He was the Chow Chow of the year tying with a Johannesburg Chow in 1996 and the top show chow of the year in Natal. Today he is retired from showing, He has sired some very lovely puppies, and one of them is my dear Tanya who is the mother of my second Sharon, also a black and also a very lovely young bitch

Standing on the verandah of my flat one morning, I saw a car been driven at high speed down the road opposite the building. From out of the back window, someone threw a small black dog, She landed in the middle of the road with a yelp, I ran out and picked her up, she seemed unhurt, but was visibly shaken, I carried her back to the flat and phoned our local Vet. He advised me to take her up to his surgery for a check up to make sure she had no internal injuries
The doctor declared her well, although bruised and advised me to take her to the local S.P.C.A. so they could find her a new home. I dreaded the thought of it, for I knew that they would put her down within a week of her being there. I decided to keep her myself. No animals were allowed in our flats, but this I felt was an exception as I would soon be moving into a house of my own where she would have place to run and play.
Keeping her hidden in my flat for the first few days was like playing a game of hide and seek. I was doing the hiding and she the seeking, trying to find a way to get out of the flat. In the evenings I would take her for a walk. I would wait for all the lights to go off in the building; she could hardly wait to be set free and ran wildly in the park. "Imp" is what we called her for an Imp she was.

The day before we moved into the house, she was discovered. We unfortunately had to share a communal bathroom. It was when I was in the bath that Imp slipped out into the hallway, to be spotted by the caretaker, whom immediately ran back into her flat and came out brandishing a small fire hydrant, shouting at the dog, she plunged the plunger, a spray of water shot out at Imp and forced her all the way down the passage, slipping and sliding on the wet floor. Hearing the shouts and yelping of the dog, I charged out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my soapy wet body. There I saw a sight that stopped me dead in my tracks. They're before me stood a dumpy little woman, arming herself with a small household fire hydrant against an even smaller little black dog. I shouted at the caretaker "what on earth do you think you are doing" She spun around still with the fire hydrant in her hands, but luckily having sprayed the last of it's water a second before she turned on me. She stared at me, going red in the face. " I'm sorry, is that creature yours", "yes", I answered. " Just look what you have done to her", I bent to pick her up almost loosing my towel in the effort, much to the amusement of the onlookers. I held her shaking body to mine and hugged the scrap of wet fur to me. Two soaking wet figures, what a sight we must have made. Turning my back on them I walked back to the bathroom with my dog in my arms.

The next morning with a friend's help, I moved all my belongings to the new house, which was about a mile away from the flat.
We slowly settled in and soon found ourselves the owners of a cat, which just walked in the gate one evening and stayed. Now Imp had "Ginger" to play with while I worked.
One night Imp showed that even though she was small, her bark was very big indeed. It was a very cold winter in Ladysmith that year. I had put the children to bed early with the electric heater on in their room to keep it warm through the night. I myself retired earlier than usual to escape the cold. It was far warmer in bed reading a good book then watching T.V. in the cold sitting room. I soon fell into a dreamless sleep.
I awoke to the barking of a dog. At first it seemed very far away, but as I awoke I soon came to realize it was Imp barking in the children's bedroom fully awake now I called out to her to be quite, but to no avail. Her barks now reaching a hysterical pitch. Then I smelt it; there was smoke pouring out of the children's room. Leaping out of bed, I ran and pushed the door open, allowing Imp to run into the fresh air in the passage. The carpet was burning where it had caught alight from the overturned heater and the flames were creeping up toward the children's beds. I was horrified. I grabbed my sons off their beds wrapping them in blankets as I ran for the Kitchen door and the safety of the garden. Shouting at the top of my voice, I called to my maid to come and help me. She appeared sleepily at the door of her outside room and took the children in her arms. I screamed 'FIRE' and ran back to the house, outside the kitchen door was a hosepipe attached to a garden tap. I grabbed it and turning it on ran back into the house don the passage to the children's bedroom, water sprayed everywhere. I found the switch for the plug of the heater and turned it off to avoid an electric shock. Jane came running in carrying two buckets of sand. These she threw onto the fire. Soon it was out and everything looked safe again. I took my mattress into Jane's room, a precaution against the fire breaking out again. We fell into an exhausted sleep, my maid and I sharing my double mattress and two very frightened little boys in her bed.

The following morning I phoned work to say I would not be coming in for the day, explaining to them what had happened the night before. The house was in a shambles, water everywhere, and the children's bedroom blackened by smoke with melted carpets and singed beds. We had a massive clean up ahead of us.

Imp would not go near the bedroom again, and Ginger the cat just disappeared out of our lives. He must have had a terrible fright.

A few months after the fire Imp once again saved the children's lives by attacking a snake in the back yard. Unfortunately she was bitten. The poison traveled swiftly through her small body, and she died in my arms. We had only had her a few months but she had given her life for my two children. She was a very brave little dog.
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