Male Chow doesn't like my daughter

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Male Chow doesn't like my daughter

Post by Shaun » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:33 am

Good day everyone,
My name is Shaun and I'm new to this forum.
A year ago we got a Chow for my sweet little girl of 12 years.
We also experienced the usual challenges associated with Chows, but we knew what we were getting in to.
My darling daughter adores him and treats him like a prince. However he gives attention to everyone BUT her. He goes crazy when he sees my son and I. But will walk past her like she's not even there.
It's heartbreaking as she loves him and takes care of his every need.
He loves being petted by us boys , but will walk away when she tries.
We are considering neutering him anyway. Will that help?

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