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by rawr.760
Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:16 pm
Forum: Health Discussions
Topic: postnatal conditions??
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postnatal conditions??

Hi. My chow chow gave birth to a litter a few months ago, and now my mother thinks she may need some sort of surgery to tighten things down south... she says it looks 'different' What kind of condition could this be? I'm living away from home right now, and will be taking her to the vet very soon wh...
by rawr.760
Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:14 pm
Forum: Grooming
Topic: Chow Chow grooming... HELP!
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Chow Chow grooming... HELP!

Hi. I would like to know how to properly brush a chow chow and what kind of brushes to use... I've heard pin, rake, and combs, but all? or some? Also, in what order to use them to properly brush my chow to make her nice and fluffy :) Thanks a lot, guys!